Our values

Quality. Individuality. Continuity.

Reed Electronics AG stands for precision craftsmanship and is one of the most successful Swiss companies in the field of manufacturing devices for liquid regulation and liquid transfer. Reed Electronics AG is the strongest growing company in its field in Switzerland and continues to establish itself as a leader in the European industrial and pharma-technical markets as well.
Thanks to selected distribution partners we are increasingly active in the global markets.



Mission statement

We are an innovative and reliable partner. Customers appreciate our flexibility and reliability.

A flat company hierarchy requires enormous entrepreneurial spirit.
A wide range of freedom fosters creativity and innovation at work and allows for flexibility when arranging work schedules.
Modern workspaces equipped with up-to-date technology make day-to-day work a joy as well as making the working environment a safe and secure place for our employees.

Our suppliers are considered valuable partners.
We hold ourselves to our contracts and believe in fair payment for goods and services.
Suppliers meet our high quality standards and provide all required evidence of observing human rights and environmental standards. 

Our core concerns are to ensure sustainable production, the use of environmentally friendly materials from transport or manufacturing methods that do not negatively impact on human life, and also the installation of modern equipment for the prevention or reduction of emissions.

We maintain a long-term vision during planning, with minimal risk to our customers and employees.
We believe in fair working conditions, a modern infrastructure and flexible design of personal working environments.

Our conduct is focused around sustainability. Careful handling of resources of all types and tolerance towards our fellow men are of utmost importance.