BioWelder® TC

Sterile connections in a non-sterile environment
– the newest technology –

The BioWelder® is a fully automatic system for connecting thermoplastic tubes using a sterile welding process.

BioWelder® Total Containment makes the sterile connection of dry or liquid-filled tubes possible. 

Product sterility is completely guaranteed in non-classified and also classified environments.
Save an enormous amount of time in the manufacturing process.


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Application area
The BioWelder® Total Containment is suitable for connecting thermoplastic tubes which are used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Sterile connections of dry or liquid-filled tubes can be easily established in a non-sterile environment.

Functional principle
The holders, blade and tubes are inserted in the BioWelder® TC and the welding process starts fully automatically via the touchscreen LCD. First the blade is heated for depyrogenation and then cooled to the welding temperature. An infrared sensor monitors and controls the blade temperature during the entire welding process. When the blade reaches the welding temperature, it cuts the tubes and the new fluid path is welded.